Grout and the reasons you should use it!

Most of you probably have a notion of what grout is and its many uses. Grout is a dense fluid used for filling gaps, sealing joints and openings or for more advanced usage in pre-cast concrete, concrete repairs or masonry walls. For us property maintenance experts, we commonly use grout for tiling jobs in bathrooms, toilet all around the house all across Perth. It is typically made with a mixture of cement, water and sand but best of all can be coloured to match your tiles!


Why should grouting be done?


Grouting is an essential part of many tiling jobs and for good reasons:

  • Keeping moisture off surfaces: provides a barrier that prevents water from getting behind the tiles which would cause water damage to walls, paint peeling off, mould etc


  • To keep tile lines straight: nobody wants their tiling job on a slant line! It is not an aesthetic look.


  • It prevents tiles from cracking and prevents tile rubbing against one another for example when tiling a wall or floor. It absorbs shock and limits movement and can prevent major damages to tiles which are costly to repair. 


  • It gives your work a finished and beautiful look while creating a uniform appearance. Grout can be as slim as 5mm to give the appearance of flowing design especially if using mosaic tiles or you  have decided on a Moroccan style bathroom…



Is grouting an easy task?

The answer is probably no! Because although grouting is not that difficult to do, it is so easily done imperfectly! The thing is, it becomes difficult to work with if you have a very large area to cover. Even if you do have a small area, this may be challenging. Why? Grout dries pretty quickly and you have a very short time to apply and make it look great before it does dry out. 

Once it’s set, it is hard to remove or work with. The bigger mistake is to keep adding grout till you get it right! Then it becomes a  bigger costly problem. Call or email us today and we can get the job done right.


Should I seal my grout?

Grout is porous just like any other cement-based construction material. It can absorb liquids quickly and easily. This makes sealing the necessary step to keep your tiled surfaces and your new grout in perfect condition. This way your work will last longer and keep looking good for a longer period of time. 

Sealing your grout is also very useful as it will keep mould or mildew from growing and causing aesthetic issues in your wet areas. This means less cleaning and scrubbing time and more me-time. 

Bottom line is: get a professional to do it for you! If you have bathroom, toilet or kitchen renovation that needs professional attention, Beyond Maintenance Solutions can help. We are here to make your life easier. We have in-house experts that will find the best solution for your challenging job from designing to implementing. No job is too big or too small. Call us today for a free quote!