Easy DIY reno jobs for your home

Easy DIY reno jobs for your home


Most people are nowadays spending more time at home than not. It could be due to the pandemic, maybe it’s chilly or you work from home. Whatever the reason, this is possibly the right time to think about doing some minor, easy renovation jobs around the house that do not cost a fortune! Starting with a few simple ways to improve your home aesthetically is an easy part of the process. Make plans and make a list of what you would like to change around and begin!


With the amount of DIY how-to videos available on the internet, it is a no-brainer how to go about getting things done. All the products you need can be found at your local hardware store and if they don’t have it they can order it for you! Since you have made your plan and know exactly what you will be needed, you don’t need multiple trips to the store to get your products and materials. And you can even use Covid approved click and collect for a quicker option.

Free and easy

Give your house a new look using the same furniture! Redesign the placement of your furniture, change the bed direction if you can or re-arrange the kids bedroom. If space permits, move the dining table around and open up the area. Well-placed furniture will give an open sense to your home.

Painting the house

Easy and really affordable to get a bit of fresh paint on the walls and breathe a new lease of life in the house! Or maybe just patching up all the holes and scratches in the walls caused by kids, pets and general incidents that usually happen in the home. It may take longer for bigger areas of the house, so try to schedule the work over a long weekend or when you have time off. This will allow you to do all the preparation and allow paint to dry.

Paint is usually cheap depending on the brand you choose just don’t pay more than $50 for a 2-litre pot, choose the areas you want to do and go for it. Dont’ forget the paintbrush and drop sheet (or just use an old bedsheet!) It can be fun to do a feature wall or maybe the kid’s bedroom in a different colour. You can usually get sample pots for cheap and test out the colours before you go ahead. Then go crazy if it’s your forever home or be more subtle and use neutral colours or hues if you would like to sell the house!

The garden

Another simple way to do improve your home is to do a bit of gardening. It will make a world of difference. And all you have to do is get the rake, the shears and the mower out! Clean out the mess and clutter that have accumulated over winter and bun them. 

Next, get some colours in the backyard or front yard by using some plants and spruce up the garden. Your local garden centre will have all the plants you could need to freshen up the outdoor. Choose plants appropriate to the season and your region. Create a new veggie patch if you have the space and produce your own veggies. The kids will love you for it and you could save some money as well.

If you have a pool, get some new colourful cushions to update the old, mouldy ones on the pool furniture! Trim and cut the trees or hedges. Get professional help if needed for those tricky plants.

Touch up inside the house

Get the rooms a bit of colour and liven everything up with soft furnishing or indoor plants(can be fake)! They are usually pretty cheap from big stores like KMart or Target. You can do all the rooms or just focus on the living room and dining. The choice is yours and it won’t hurt your wallet. Frames,  paintings or even little wall mounted shelves will give a different air to your living space. If you have old ones that you can re-cycle, just go ahead and paint them or re-cover them. 

The little odd jobs

Make the tap leaks, stubborn windows or doors, the torn flyscreens letting bugs in that you’ve been meaning to attend to for months be less daunting by tackling them one by one. Now is the time to get these sorted. The internet is here and can help with those tutorials on how to get things around the house fixed. It’s pretty cheap to get your materials from your local hardware store. Usually, there is one around the corner in every suburb!

If anything, at least these little jobs will give you a sense of purpose and the drive to get the house back in shape even if it’s one at a time! In any case, shopping is always helpful to get the spirits soaring! Have fun and take satisfaction from your handiwork.