Home Spring cleaning: How to clean like a Pro!

Usually called a “chore” because it can be, cleaning can be a daunting prospect for some people. After spending some time with a professional cleaner, here are some tips for how to clean your house like a pro! Having a plan is the best way to tackle cleaning in your house. Especially those with kids and pets can relate toys everywhere in the house, food left in the corners, etc.


So how can you deal with cleaning and make it – if not fun – at least quick?

  • Take care of stuff lying around the floor area, corners, kids bedrooms, laundry etc. Get everything off the floors as this will make it easier to dust, vacuum and mop. Move things around if needed to reach difficult areas for the same purpose dusting, vacuuming and mopping.
  • Get all the doormats and rugs outside, give them a good shake and air them out. Leave them outside until you have finished with the interiors.
  • Clear bathrooms benches – put aside the toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair cream brushes. In the toilets, empty the bin and lift off the floor.


Now the fun begins!

  • Always start from the top to work your way to the bottom! Dust the top shelves, kitchen cabinets, fridge top… I usually use a microfiber cloth as this picks up all the dust better, the only thing is that I have to use a stepping stool! Don’t forget the light fixtures – you’d be surprised how they accumulate dust- and fans if you have any. Any dust balls will fall to the floor from top to bottom.

  • Start vacuuming


Do the whole house area and any dust on the floor from dusting will be picked up quickly and easily! I usually do the first vacuum then I follow with a second vacuum after the mopping to pick up any residual dust balls left behind from the mop.

  • Wet cleaning: 


This means the bathrooms and toilets are done first. Spray the bathroom with your bathroom cleaner and let stand as it works better this way. Apply your toilet cleaner under the rim and let it stand as well. Spray and wipe the shower glass to remove soap scum. You can use vinegar as it will not damage the glass. Just wipe off with a clean cloth/paper towels.

  • Mopping:


Last but not least: mopping! Mop according to your flooring type. Avoid vinegar on timber floors as this strips the protective coating off. The secret here is to mop yourself out! I usually start with the bedrooms towards the back of the house (in my case front) and mop myself out leading to the laundry. Change the water as needed. The bathrooms and toilets are mopped last with a clean bucket of water!

Tip: every first weekend of the month, I get all the dusting and extra cleaning of the house done. For example, the skirting boards are dusted and wiped clean, the door frames, light switches and couches are thoroughly wiped. Windows are cleaned using a bucket of warm water and a dash of detergent. Save water at the same time and get the kids to help out!


There you have it. The easy way to get your house clean. If you have some handy helpers aka kids or hubby who can help around the house, even better. The job gets done faster. Don’t forget to put the doormats and rugs back in before sitting back and relaxing with a cup of tea. Well deserved!